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Going Rotto

A pelican on the prowl at Thomson Bay

A pelican on the prowl at Thomson Bay

Summer in Perth is never complete without a trip to Rottnest Island. So when my friend, Alana invited me to spend a couple of days with her,  I learnt to relax Oz style!

To go Rotto, you have to catch the ferry from Fremantle. This is an adventure in itself, because it involved taking the train from Perth. The ride is marvellous, as you get to see some picturesque stations. The best part is when the train runs down to Freo, past the harbour. I’ve never seen cargo ships so close. It was fascinating to watch the activity on Maersk Dampier, which was docked there.

The Rottnest Express then ferried me to the island. It has the most breathtaking views of the ocean. Lovely beaches, painter’s sunsets, and fascinating wildlife. I was lucky to spend two nights there, and so was able to see the quokkas, Rottnest’s famous marsupial. If you’re a day tripper, you may not spot one as it’s a nocturnal beast.

Yes, I did the bus tour – the driver was full of ‘quokka’ jokes .  I also visited Alana’s favourite bathing spot – the Basin – although I’m probably the only person in Rottnest history to have visited the basin and put a toe in the water!  And, of course, I tried the genuine Rottnest Bakery pies. I thoroughly enjoyed an evening at the local pub, watching the families relaxing and listening to live performances by a young man who played a lot of country music. Still the best part of Rotto was watching the pelican patrol on the beach below Alana’s cottage.