Dee’s Fiction

In another age and another life, before I started writing this blog, I was moonlighting as a writer of children’s fiction and features for Young World, a children’s newspaper published by the Indian national daily, The Hindu. You can find links to my not-so-Perthinent stories below. Click on the title and happy reading!


So Says Kanchenjunga (5 April 2003)

Kishore the farmer has to save his daughter, and only the mighty mountain can help.

Camel Capers (6 December 2003)

When Kazim makes up his mind to do something, nothing and no one can stand in the way of this stubborn camel.

Akbar’s Folly (27 March 2004)

Emperor Akbar was known to be a great Mughal ruler, but perhaps some of his decisions were not so wise.

 Magical Makeover (15 May 2004)

Mayur the peacock was as proud as well…a peacock. Prouder, in fact, but not for long.

Belinda Goes to School (17 July 2004)

Belinda the bat wants to go to day school, but finds it not so easy to fit in.

Dream-Catcher Dragon (2 October 2004)

Ming the dragon is fleeing for his life, but he’s not quite sure where he’ll find safety.

The Rose Diamond Ring (20 November 2004)

The Rajah of Indostan covets Michael’s Australian rose diamond, and he’s not the only one.

Wish List for Santa (18 December 2004)

The Christmas list seems shorter this year, and Santa wonders if someone’s missing

Tosca’s Quest (18 February 2005)

Tosca the toucan is sorry to see the anteater so unhappy. What can he do to cheer him up?

Buzz the Lazy Bee Gets to Work (15 April 2005)

When a lazy bee doesn’t do his bit, the flowers get busy.

Poco the Penguin Becomes a Pirate (24 June 2005)

Tired of being the tiniest penguin in Antarctica, Poco sets off in search of adventure.

How Fiona Got Her Flaming Feathers (21 October 2005)

Fiona the flamingo finds herself in a fix when Gaia, the Earth spirit, runs out of colour for her feathers.

Santa Has a Problem on Christmas Eve (23 December 2005)

Santa’s sleigh is stranded when the reindeer fall sick. How on earth will he deliver his presents on time?

Helping Humphrey (19 May 2006)

Humphrey’s owner has abandoned him, but his friend Shona knows just what to do.

Was Nero the Witch’s Cat ?(25 November 2006)

A black cat wonders if he really belongs to a witch. If he does, then where is she?

Trekking for a Tree (21 December 2007)

Asha and Ashwin need a Christmas tree, and Naana has a wonderful suggestion.

Just a Spot of Magic (8 April 2008)

It’s an Easter-egg crisis, and Easter Rabbit must think of a solution fast!

Stripes are All He Wants (6 May 2008)

When Linus the zebra loses his stripes, the clever elephant makes a daring suggestion.


Primed for Perfection (9 June 2006)

In the Language of Flags (11 August 2006)


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