This is Dee

There’s a lot you don’t know about me, but thank you for reading my blog and wondering about its author. You may have guessed that I’m an Indian. It’s a bit obvious that I’m living in Perth, Western Australia. I came here to complete a doctoral degree while researching travel blogs. To cut a long story short, I stayed. I’ve been trying to make sense of my life in Western Australia ever since.

You don’t know that I read historical fiction and school stories (still). I’m the woman who thinks Georgette Heyer and Alain de Boton can sit side by side on a shelf and look good together. Right beside A. A. Milne. You don’t know that I once painted landscapes in oil or that I learnt to speak French and Spanish – I may still remember some of it. If you potter around my blog, and you will find that I also write children’s fiction – did once, and hope to do more.

And yes, I love music – anything from the Beatles to Maksim. I’ve taken to listening to nursery rhymes as well – it’s a requirement of motherhood. I’m a southpaw who plays the guitar the right-handed way – so wrong *sigh*. I’m an introvert and an Aries. I’m the girl who’s going down the road not taken, wondering what’s at the other end. I’m asking you to follow…let’s discover life and living in Perth together. What’s more, I just might let you discover the other side of me.


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