This is Dee

There’s a lot you don’t know about me. You might have guessed that I’m an Indian. It’s a bit obvious that I’m in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve just completed a doctoral degree, researching travel blogs…that makes sense, you think (I hope).

You don’t know however that I read historical fiction, and little bit of Katie Fforde on the side. You don’t know that I paint landscapes in oil or that I’m learning Spanish. Take a good look at my blog, and you will discover that I also write children’s fiction.

And yes, I love music – anything from the Beatles to Maksim. I’ve taken to listening to salsa as well. I’m a southpaw who plays the guitar the right-handed way – so wrong *sigh*. I’m an introvert and an Aries. I’m the girl who’s going down the road not taken, wondering what’s at the other end. I’m asking you to follow…let’s discover Australia together. What’s more, I just might let you discover the other side of me.


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