Milestones and Musings

The days are marching past – forgive the terrible pun – faster than the horde of office-goers heading down the Churchgate subway at 6pm. It’s all happening. There have been a lot of firsts, and quite a few I’m-never-doing-that-agains. So what have I been up to, you wonder. Well, you’ll just have to read this to find out.

Profiteroles: It's not all about the money

I’ve been feasting. I had my very first profiterole – chocolate-topped and custard-filled. It was absolutely delicious. Much better than the role of profits in a bank’s balance sheet, which is the sort of dinner-time conversation I grew up listening to back home. My first Christmas pavlova – I’m still trying to decide about that one. I also had my first chocolate ice-cream. With great fear and total ecstasy. I’m not sure this is good for my spots, but it was good. I’ve also discovered the joys of fruit-flavoured yoghurt, thanks to my Chinese friend. There are three cups in my fridge right now, each a different flavour. I’m making up for lost time. Just don’t mention indigestion to me – it’s a sore subject right now.

Before you start thinking I’ve got a sweet tooth – oh alright, I do have one – let me tell you that it’s not all been sugar. I’ve had my first arepa. I’ve mistaken taro (arvi to the Hindi speaker) for feta cheese. I’m still recovering from that one. Every time I see feta cheese in the supermarket it reminds me of taro.

I’ve been discovering Perth’s beaches. Cottesloe. Fremantle. Beaches for dogs. Beaches without dogs. Playing with dogs on beaches. For the first time in years, and definitely for the first time in Perth I walked barefoot on the beach and got my ankles wet. Stop laughing. I know you are. Some people just have to take the beach in small doses. Maybe next time I’ll try knee-deep.

Nearly there: Dipping my toes in the Indian Ocean

I’ve been feeling sensational and summery. Yes, summery is a feeling. I bought my first full-length dress, which is also the first halter-neck that I’ve ever worn. I’m worried that it shows off a bit too much of my shoulders. I’m also terrified of being sunburnt. I love the dress anyway. But it was probably not the best thing to wear to the beach. I’m still learning.

 There are so many other milestones that seem to blur into one as the month rolls past. Jellyfish in Canning River – why does no one else find this exciting? Writing a chapter proposal. Writing my first story after a three-year writer’s block. Still can’t stop smiling about that one. Ah…there’s just too many. Sometimes it’s good to stop and look back. Now it’s time to “look ever forward”.


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