A Walk on the (not so) Wild Side

Come we go down William Street

                   Northbridge comes with warning signs. Especially if it’s a) Friday night and b) you’re not a local. Be careful, you’re told…go in a group. Watch out for trouble. It’s definitely a walk on the wild side, and on the wrong side of the tracks. Sunday mornings are a different story.

                You can go around the world and back on a Sunday in Northbridge. My fellow traveller was my Chinese ex-flatmate Joey. Our mission – and we chose to accept it – was to have lunch at the Dragon Palace there. We began at the park on Parry Street. Henceforth, this shall be known as the Park With No Name and Very Big Trees. There were golden arches on one corner…is there anywhere in the world that McDonald’s has NOT taken over? Stop one – USA.

Occupy this?

                We parried our way – I know, I know, forgive the horrible pun – over to Money Street.  I wonder at the name – were there banks here once? Should we Occupy Money Street? We should have a photograph.  Click. Then down to Aberdeen and carrying no coals to Newcastle we went. This is the dining district and names of different cuisines leap off signboards – Cori Anna, Viet Hoa. On Francis Street, a crowd waits to be seated at the Dragon Palace. But we’re too early, so we wind our way past Lake Street and Mountain Terrace. The red-brick church vaguely registers as we cross into the park.

Hat...check...scarf...check...where's the swagman?

  The Australian themed gazebo here – sculptures of a bush hat, shoulder bag and some truly repellent reptiles – calls for photographs too. We’re leaving when I suddenly notice the church. It reminds Joey of St Basil’s Cathedral in the Red Square.  Click. We’re done.

                Not quite, says Joey. No trip around the world is complete without a visit to China Town. So off we go down John Street and past James…I get the feeling we’re walking with saints now. Where’s Peter, I wonder. I’m not sure my friend will appreciate the joke. I’m not sure I should be joking about saints on a Sunday. So instead I stop and pose and appreciate the red Chinese arch and the white Chinese lions.

We finally do make it to Dragon Palace and survive the delicately flavoured but sumptuous dim sum. On William Street and get lost, but find the Indian store. It’s called Prime (probably to match its exorbitant price tags). After some calculated navigation (I looked for the sun), we rediscover the car.

A church to remember

              It’s taken an afternoon to see the world, I think, when I post the photographs on Facebook. The journey is not over yet. A friend from work comments on the picture of the church. It’s Greek, she says, and that’s her family I’ve captured in the picture. It’s a small, small world.


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