Jacaranda Days

The newspaper says that when the jacaranda blooms its exam time. When I see the jacaranda blossoms I know it’s time to start packing. I decided to have a bit of a packing rehearsal this weekend – so out came the bags and boxes as I tried to figure out which parts of my wardrobe to leave behind in Perth.

Jacaranda Blossoms

I’m reminded of all the times we’ve moved when I was a child, and my mum’s packing lessons come back to me. Keep the old newspapers – they’re handy for wrapping crockery. Remember to use two sheets when wrapping china. Sort the keep-its from the throw-aways. Start packing the things you don’t need right now.

It’s not hard to decide what’s going to go. It’s time to throw out the pine cones I’ve collected over the previous summer to decorate my shelves. There will be more of those next year. It’s time to toss out old birthday cards that have been propped by my books. It’s time to pack the Bernard Cornwells and toss out the chick lit I picked up at the last church sale. Back home, these would go to the man who buys our old newspapers. Here I’ll take it back to the church or put it in the Salvos or Good Sammy’s bin.

It’s not hard to pack either. A friend of mine has introduced me to Space Bags. I’ve got a couple of plastic crates too – a must-have storage item in Australia. I cook with one saucepan and one fry pan – there’s a lot you can do with just that much – so how long could it possibly take? The hard part is figuring out who will keep the things for me while I’m away.

A jacaranda tree in Kensington

I’m trying to work out the details in my head, and my room looks like a cyclone’s hit it. Still, by the end of Saturday I’ve done a fair bit of assorting and have a Decide Later Pile. Sunday morning sees me lugging a bag full of books to the church in Kensington. It’s a fine morning and it’s a lovely walk. At the last crossroads before the church I realize there’s just one last thing to be done. I set the bags down and pull out my camera.  It’s time to photograph the jacarandas.


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