Being Perthinent

I’m no stranger to keeping a diary – I kept diaries all through school and college. Still writing a blog is a bit different, because I’m still uncomfortable about putting my personal thoughts on public display. So how do you reconcile the need to be private with going public on a blog? You write about being a new arrival in Perth, Western Australia. The problem isn’t knowing what to write, but knowing where to begin!

The guidebooks tell you that Perth has the largest city park in the world. It’s one of the most isolated cities in the world. The only city in Australia to be in the same time zone as Singapore.

Since my blog is going to be about how I’m discovering all sorts of useful (sometimes useless) information about the city, I’ve called this blog “Perthinent”. I’m hoping you’ll find something more than what the guidebooks say.

The picture you see was taken at Perth’s City Beach. You may notice the yellow flag put up by the lifeguards, to mark safe waters for the swimmers. I hope to stay in the safe zone, and write about things that interest and amuse without offending. Happy surfing, and hope you enjoy my perthinentries!


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